At K III Construction, we oversee every aspect of the construction process.

From getting the project approved by the Homeowners Association and the City to the Certificate of Occupancy. K III Construction can be involved every step of the way.

We carefully select all our subcontractors based off quality of work, efficiency, and competitive pricing! All our subcontractors are licensed and insured


We do all inspections required by the city which are more plentiful in Bozeman City limits and include electrical and plumbing inspections in rural areas.

Client Walk Through

On our custom projects, we like to walk through houses with clients at various stages of the project. Both during construction and one final inspection a few days before you move in.

Final Product

All our homes are energy efficient within points of needing an air exchange system (HRV) on our Blower Door Test. They also also all come with radon systems. At the completion of your home you will receive a One-Year Builder Warranty.